Smome Free Sport Clubs in 2019 - A Good Idea?

In May 2017, when the foundation first investigated the smoking policy of the sports clubs, more than 150 clubs indicated that they were completely or partially smoke-free. The latter include sports clubs that, for example, only ban the cigarette from the grounds if the youth sports or that only allow smoking in a smoking room out of the sight of children. That is often a stepping stone to complete smoke-free", says spokesman Peter Sonneveld.

That the number of tobacco avoiding clubs is rising so fast, sounds like music to the ears of the Heart Foundation. You see every time there's attention for it, clubs think, "Hey, why don't we do that yet. Often it comes from the members themselves, parents or children who think it's crazy that smoking still happens along the line," says Sonneveld. He speaks of a domino effect. For example, the Hartstichting visited a hockey club in Abcoude that had already embraced the smoke-free sports field, and then followed the tennis club and football club in the municipality.
6000 clubs

The hockey clubs are particularly exemplary: of the 320 clubs, 188 are (partly) smoke-free, more than half. In football, a smoke-free club is even less popular: 333 of the almost 3,000 clubs refuse the cigarette. There are about 6000 clubs where children play sports outside. The Hartstichting focuses mainly on the five largest outdoor sports: football, athletics, korfball, tennis and hockey. The sports federations support the initiative for a smoke-free generation.